MBJ Blancs de Blancs Brut

French sparkling wine with a difference...


Made By Julie (MBJ) is a unique French premium sparkling wine.

About "MbJ"


Award-winning Blanc de Blancs Brut

A new French Sparkling Wine that embodies Julie's joyful spirit.

Bridging the gap between popular Italian Prosecco and traditionally expensive Champagne, MBJ is set to shake up the Sparkling Wine category...


A unique bottling method

Crafted by native Bordeaux producer, Julie Rispal, MBJ is a Blanc de Blancs Brut made in France. 

A unique bottling method, which involves adding carbon dioxide during the bottling process, results in a wine with delicate pearling bubbles, as fine as the best Champagne.

With subtle flower and fruit aromas and fine, delicate bubbles, MBJ delivers the French charm, flavour and fine pearling bubbles of Champagne, at a price point that is competitive with Prosecco.


Perfect for cocktails...


 A sweet touch

1/3 red sweet Vermouth + 2/3 mbJ with an orange slice

A stronger touch

1/3 Amaro + 2/3 mbJ with honey syrup and fresh mint

What they said about MBj

Oz Clarke, Three Wine Men :

MBJ ‘Made by Julie’ NV
'Pale, fruity, dry white bubbles mixed with a splash of vermouth makes for a heavenly summer refresher.'