MBJ Blancs de Blancs Brut

French sparkling wine with a difference...

Changing the game...


Julie Rispal entered in the wine world in 1997 and  spent the next 15 years working with one of the top wine merchants in Bordeaux. As she worked her way up from the back office to Export Director, she studied oenology at the University of Bordeaux.

In 2016 she began producing private label sparkling wine. Encouraged by its success, she decided to launch her own brand, Made By Julie.

Passion for perfection


MBJ is the result of Julie’s passion for creating an accessible drink that embodies pleasure and joy. The unique bottling process creates the hallmark fine, pearling bubbles of champagne, leaving MBJ in a category all of its own – more affordable than Champagne, more refined than Prosecco.

Julie says...


“I was unhappy with the ever-increasing price of Champagne and the lack of quality sometimes seen with its competitors in the sparkling wine market. Prosecco can lack flavour and Crémant has always lived in Champagne’s shadow.

"That’s why I created MBJ. I wanted to show that drinkers can expect just as much from a sparkling wine, if not more,  than from any other format, without having to pay a premium."